Paesaggio Urbino

Learning by doing - Italian course with much fun

learning without stress

The land is glorious, the people interesting, there is much that you want to know and ask, but if you can not speak the language? We would like to help you in the most pleasant way to understand and to understand, because what is nicer than to feel "in".
This course has nothing to do with grammatical dry tympani, but should help to reduce the fear of speaking and to be able to apply what has been learned.

1st day: Benvenuti
Upon arrival welcome drink and introduction. For dinner you will be spoiled with local specialties.

2nd day: Parliamo italiano ... and 100 towers
After breakfast language course from 9:00 to 12:00. Having lunch. The afternoon from about 15.00 clock is used to visit Ascoli Piceno, the "city of 100 towers" the jewel of all the marchigianischen places. Made entirely of travertine stone, with a history strongly influenced by the Romans. The Piazza del Popolo, built like a theater backdrop, is one of the most beautiful squares in Italy. It is also home to one of the most wonderful cafés, the "Meletti", the location of many films and a place where even Rossini was supposed to compose.

3rd day: The balcony of the Marche
In the morning language course. Having lunch. Opportunity to swim or relax until you leave at about 17.00 clock to Ripatransone, a medieval town with a unique panoramic location, which is also called "balcony of the Marche". In one turn you can see from the chain of the Sibillini mountains down to the Adriatic Sea.

4th day: pasta and basta
Language course after breakfast until 12.00. Having lunch. In the afternoon visit to a "pasta workshop" in Campofilone, the place of origin of one of the best pasta in the world, which is still produced as it was in grandmother's time and in addition partly by hand!

Day 5: Legends and fairy tales in the kingdom of Sibilla
The language course will be integrated into the program of this day, since the visual plays a very important role here.
Morning drive to Forca Canapine in the high mountains. Easy hike to the Pantani, the ponds of Accumolì, a jewel of karst in incredibly impressive landscape at about 1,600 m above sea level. Nature lovers will find their paradise here, because the botany of this area exceeds all expectations. In this part of the national park you will also find the point where three regions of Italy border on each other: Marche, Umbria and Lazio. Lunch at a Rifugio with the specialty of this area. Continue on the "Pian Grande" with Castelluccio. Return in the late afternoon.

6th day: Relax
In the morning language course. Then you have plenty of opportunity for a trip to San Benedetto or to relax by the sea in Cupra Marittima. For dinner together you will be spoiled with a delicious tasting menu based on fish.

7th day: Palazzi
In the morning language course. Having lunch. In the afternoon you drive to Fermo, a historic, impressive city, whose roots go back to the time of the Romans. Here you can visit the Roman cisterns, a water system from the Roman era, one of the oldest libraries in Italy with the Globe Room, the Pinakothek, one of the most beautiful theaters of the Marche and the cathedral on the Girfalco Hill. Dine in style at a renowned traditional restaurant in Fermo.

8th day: The Rosso and the bobbins
In the morning language course. Having lunch. Later in the afternoon, visit Offida, the city of lace making and architecture that is as versatile as it is impressive. Outstanding structure is the church of S. Maria della Rocca, which leaves a deep impression through its location and interior. The dinner (please do not count calories) is taken in the restaurant of a winery. The food is - of course - the typical Marche wines for tasting.

9th day: The oil
In the morning language course. Having lunch. In the late afternoon visit to an oil mill and tasting of various types of oil, including rarities among the olive oils.

10th day: City of the Renaissance
Urbino - city of Duke Federico II of Montefeltro impresses its guests with its cultural highlights: the Ducal Palace, the Oratory of S. Giovanni and the birthplace of the painter Raphael. With a tour guide, of course in Italian, you will spend this day in this wonderful city.
Free lunch, return in the late afternoon. Dinner is served at the hotel.

Day 11: The "Sky Blue Mountains"
Once again a trip takes you to the Sibillinen. Like the first time you will combine the language course with the visual impressions. The sibillines, called "blue mountains" for their incredible play of colors, are, according to legend, the realm of fairies and wizards and the seat of seer Sibilla. Via Comunanza and Amandola we drive to Montefortino, an enchanting, untouched little town about 800 meters above sea level. Barely 5 km from Montefortino, you can visit the beautiful pilgrimage church Madonna dell 'Ambro, the favorite pilgrimage church of the Marchigians. A place where Christian faith and myths meet. Against the backdrop of the mountains towering behind it, this church offers an unforgettable sight. Here you will also have a very special lunch.
After that, do not betray a little adventure tour! Before sunset you will experience another highlight. It goes up to the Rifugio di Fargno, where you can see the sun disappear in incredible colors behind the mountains. Here you also have dinner - just a special feature! When you leave, you'll see a starry sky that makes it hard to say goodbye.

Day 12: Nearly like holidays!
This day is completely at your leisure. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 13: Shopping
In the morning language course. Having lunch. In the afternoon opportunity to "supply" the latest fashion in the outlets of well-known manufacturers. The Marche are the area of ​​footwear manufacturers, handbags and hats!
On the farewell evening we will once again spoil you a la grande with a tasting menu and fine wines.

Day 14: Arrivederci e a presto!
This is the day of farewell. We hope that you will bring back many beautiful memories of us. Of course you can extend your time after the language course to recover from the "hardships".
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Minimum number of participants: 2, max. 8
June 14 to June 27, 2020
Aug. 23 to Sept. 5, 2020

Services include:
13 X Accommodation in 4 * Hotel by the sea in Grottammare
9 x lunch in restaurants or picnic
13 x dinner
Linguist lecturer for 8 x 3 hrs. Language course +
3 x full-time exercise
Permanent German tour guide
All transfers on site

Not included services:
Arrival (we are happy to help with flight bookings)
All meals not listed
Cancellation insurance (recommended)
Drinks, unless otherwise stated
Tips and personal purchases

Travel price per person in a double room: € 2,540.00 from 6 persons

With 2 participants in the double room: € 3.970,00
For 4 participants in a double room: € 3,220.00

Double room as single room + € 260,00

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