Paesaggio Urbino

La Banda Grossi Movie Tour

To support the regional film production and to promote Le Marche treasures, Le Marche Film Commission (in partnership with Fondazione Marche Cultura, Regione Marche, Expirit and the Confederation of Professional Craftsmen – Cinema Division) started the tourist cluster Marche Cinema: a new world of experiences, routes and stories created to experience the most charming sets of the region personally, like never before.
This new journey stars with La Banda Grossi movie tour, an entirely Made in Le Marche independent film produced by Cinestudio in 2018, co-financed by Regione Marche and by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage. Actually, La Banda Grossi was judged film of historical and cultural interest.
Directed by the filmmaker Claudio Ripalti, the film tells an old-bravery story made by the gang La Banda Grossi, leaded by a former day labourer, Terenzio Grossi. Around the year 1860, at the dawn of the Unification of Italy, the territory of Montefeltro was rocked by the adventures of seven insurgent bandits. They wanted the Unification to stop to release the local working class, which was starving due to the Sabaudian laws and to a corrupt system, making people live in conditions of extreme poverty.
Do you want to experience the story of La Banda Grossi as a protagonist? If you have community spirit, if you love wild nature and adventures, you’ re ready to leave for this unforgettable travel discovering the most impressive landscapes of Le Marche, across the sets of the film La Banda Grossi. Together with your fellow travelers, you’ ll feel part of a real gang. Equipped with a saddlebag and a cinemap, you’ ll leave for a memorable experience.
Day 1
Afternoon rendez-vous in a historic house located in the countryside of Montefeltro. The group will be welcome, then travelers will watch La Banda Grossi movie. The producer will be the special guest of the evening: he’ ll introduce the story of the film and he’ ll reveal anecdotes and behind-the-scenes of the shootings.
Day 2
Once all the members of the group will have received the saddlebags and the cinemaps, we’ ll go ride in a Jeep to reach the State Natural Reserve Gola del Furlo, where to go trekking through the paths of the canyon, admiring breathtaking landscapes. The route goes on till the Marmitte dei Giganti, natural cavities covered by water, which reflects the blue sky and the canyon walls with their lush vegetation. In the afternoon we’ ll cross Monte Pietralata, to reach high altitude grasslands and see wonderful views
It’ ll be possible to go on the same route riding a mountain bike or a horse. On the top of the mountain, we’ ll wait for the sunset, in front of a unique view of the Apennines. Time to have dinner has come, food is in the saddlebag and an impressive atmosphere will be offered by a bonfire and an acoustic music performance. Return to the accommodation and overnight stay.
Day 3
A new day has come: we’ re leaving for a hike on Cesane Mountains, well known for marble mining and for their lush State Forest. After a quick visit at Scalpellini quarries, we’ ll retrace the places where brigands went through with one of the actors of the film. Once had lunch, based on zero mile local products, we’ ll leave for Frontone, Le Marche “ Little Switzerland” . The trip will go on heading to Acqualagna, the capital city of truffles, where we’ ll live a memorable tasting experience choosing delicious meals from a typical menu, based on local products.
Day 4
We head to Urbania, a city with a unique tradition of pottery. There, we’ ll visit the ancient Ducal Park, which was an old monastery and a hunting lodge owned by the Dukes of Urbino. Your next stop in Urbania will be Palazzo Ducale: its inner courtyard is the set of the scene representing the sentence of condemnation for the brigands. We'll live those moments waiting for the verdict. The end of our journey will be celebrated with a typical lunch.