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Hiking on the rivers of Montefeltro

The rivers of the Montefeltro are to be discovered, that's why we decided to offer a vacation package that included an excursion special and exciting as the Water Trekking. 

It's not every day that you can go up a river with an experienced nature guide! Our activities Water Trekking respect the river to 100%, do not provide for a total walk in the water with possible damage to the ecosystem of the river itself, but a fabulous hiking experience, for all those who like to be in close contact with nature , and who want to discover the fascinating world of rivers with respect. 

During the excursion, in fact, you make little lessons of ecology and observations on the flora and the characteristics of the stream, you can cross the river and percorrerne the banks in an exciting discovery of its ecosystem. The river will show in all its wonder! Waterfalls, rock jumps, ponds and all the fauna of the place you will remember forever your adventure! 

The two planned excursions will make you enjoy two different stretches of the river and make you spend two unforgettable days.
During these two days you can enjoy the pleasures of the table at the end of the excursion in a restaurant where you can sample typical products of Montefeltro.
The package includes: 

- Stay 3 nights / 2 people
- 2 tours with guide water trekking
- 2 lunches with local products

Cost per person (minimum 2 persons): € 410.00