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Hiking at La Gola del Furlo

Leave on a tour of the Furlo Gorge and its wonders with our guide. Discover new places and all the secrets of the surrounding environment and its inhabitants in an exciting and engaging experience nature.

The Furlo Gorge is a beautiful gorge carved by the waters of the river Candigliano. And 'characterized by vertiginous cliffs and pristine environments of rare beauty.
It is a paradise for lovers of the environment with pristine peaks covered with woods and meadows, unspoiled environments and a wide variety of flora and fauna, including the majestic golden eagle, the symbol of this area of which is visible nest.

With our guide we carpirete secrets and will benefit from the presence of a wide area network of wonderful trails signposted International, covering the whole extent of the territory of the reserve, allowing excursions both on the side of Pietralata than on the Paganuccio . The trails are of varying difficulty and will be selected from our guide carefully depending on your level. The trail leads to 449 Terrace Furlo, exceptional vantage point on the throat and its spectacular limestone cliffs.

Return in an apartment or hotel regenerated by nature and its wonders, and then you can enjoy the goodness of the table during a tasty dinner at one of the best restaurants in the area.
The package includes:

- 3 nights accommodation at the hotel or apartment spread
- Guided tour of the gorge and hike furlo
- Hiking on Mount Pietralata or Paganuccio
- Dinner of typical dishes

Cost per person (minimum 4 people): 315,00 €