Paesaggio Urbino

Fly fishing in the rivers of Montefeltro - 3 nights

The Montefeltro and its rivers will offer you an unforgettable experience.
Fishing enthusiasts, amateurs, experienced fishermen or still in the grass, the experience that you will live on our rivers will be extraordinary. 

We are proud to offer you the chance to test yourself along with our expert guide to fly fishing. With his knowledge of the rivers of the area and the skill in the art that takes him all over the world will make you enjoy every moment of your day of fishing. 

Some of the fishing waters through territories that belong to nature parks, so besides the beauty of fishing, recharge your batteries thanks to the beauty of nature in the Montefeltro. 

You will move along with the guide in the various fishing spots during the day going in search of a catch that can be memorable. The fishing technique will be chosen exclusively with a dry fly imitations most appropriate and effective depending on the insects present in nature. It will be a different experience from the usual go fishing, a real training day made learning, depth and passion. The wonderful creatures that inhabit the river represent a real challenge that will make you remember this experience forever. 

The package includes: 
- Stay 3 nights / 2 people
- 2 days of school of fly fishing
- 2 lunches with local products - including equipment and insurance 

Cost per person (minimum 2 persons):  € 580,00