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Fashion and pleasure combined in the best way – in Le Marche

It must not be Milan
If one thinks of Italian fashion, Milan immediately comes to mind. While this may be partially justified, shoes and hats have been at home in the Marche for centuries.
With this program we would like to prepare you days, which let not only the lady’s hearts beat faster. As is well known, the gentlemen become always more fashion conscious. But not only the fashion should be in the foreground, because the Marche are also top in terms of culinary delights.
Just enjoy a wonderful interplay between many things that give us joy in life.

1st day: Benvenuti nelle Marche
Arrival in the afternoon. After check-in and an aperitif, you will have the opportunity to relax and / or make your first exploration until it is called Buon appetito with a delicious menu.

2nd day: Superlatives of the Piceno
In the morning, visit Ascoli Piceno, the city of 100 towers that is almost reminiscent of a theatrical backdrop. Get to know this gem better and certainly love it. In one of the most beautiful Art Nouveau cafes in Italy, the Meletti, on one of the ten most beautiful squares in Italy, the Piazza del Popolo, you then take a specialty that you can only taste here, namely the Anisetta. A lunch in Offida at one of the best wine producers of the Marche, makes gourmet hearts beat faster.
During a small olive oil tasting at one of the world's best olive oil producers, in the afternoon you will learn the most important facts about olive oil and the olive itself. But the palette is not only exhausted in the oil: olives are also a valuable substance for beauty. In the evening, enjoy dinner at the hotel with excellent specialties.

3rd day: Who looks for wool and finds cashmere
The journey takes you in the morning to the promontory of the Sibilli Mountains, to Servigliano. It may be amazing for many, but big fashion and precious fabrics are not only being processed and created in big cities. You will visit a manufacturer in this small town and watch how this precious wool is processed into top fashion. Lunch is served in a typical mountain restaurant. Afterwards you should better bring your credit cards to safety, because you visit the so-called Fermano and this is the terrain of the shoe manufacturers. 85% of all Italian shoes come from here! This includes the luxury brands like Tod's and Explorer. Of course, all other well-known companies have settled here, Gucci, Prada & Co. The evening after a certainly not exactly frugal afternoon closes with the theme menu in the hotel.

4th day: Man is wearing hat again - wife, of course too
Today we accompany you to Montappone. Not only for the Italian shoes Le Marche are leaders, even for the hats! It used to be the straw hats, 80% of them came from this area, today hats of all categories are produced there. You visit one of the many hat producers, where you can watch how a hat is made. In fact, at this tiny hat manufacturer is actually all handmade and the materials are not prefabricated but come from the region. After a small lunch, you will get to know the origins of hat production in the Hut Museum and then visit a special museum, the "Crazy Hats". You can assume that it will be a one-time day. After returning to the hotel you will enjoy with a wonderful menu.

5th day: The devil does not always wear Prada
Of course, the ladies should not feel attacked, it's just a remembered movie title. After shopping at the heart of footwear manufacturers, you're on a less expensive trip today. What could be more fascinating than looking around the markets in Italy? From the simplest T-shirt to the model dress, everyone will find something - a little action is of course also possible. In San Benedetto del Tronto every Tuesday and Friday one of the biggest markets in the region takes place. One thing is certain, there is still pleasure on top of that! If you do not feel like shopping, you can enjoy the palm promenade and a nice espresso. If you want to have lunch, we offer a delicious fish menu (not included in the price). The afternoon is at your
leisure, but we are happy to take you on a trip to the ancient part of Cupra Marittima, Paese Alto.

Day 6: Arrivederci!
Departure with hopefully many new and beautiful experiences in the suitcase. On return flight in the afternoon, there is still opportunity for one of the cultural highlights, one of the most important places of pilgrimage of the Catholic Christians: Loreto. You will visit the Basilica with the Holy House of Mary, surrounded by one of the largest marble reliefs in Italy (600 m2;), where the greatest artists of Italy such as Sangallo in the 16th century worked together to create an incredible beauty.
Even if one is not Christian, the abundance of cultural treasures offers a special gem.
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Services incuded
5 x HP Hotel Villa Picena, with shower / WC, air conditioning / heating, TV, garden, minibar and WiFi for free
The dinners are under different themes and each contain corresponding wines
3 x small lunches with regional specialties in typical restaurants
1 x fish menu optional
Water and espresso with meals included
All tastings
constant experienced tour guide
All transfers on site

Not included services:
getting there
Unlisted meals and drinks

Min. 4, max. 15 participants

For self drivers please ask for details and price
For guided tours for 2 people, please ask for an offer

Price per person in a double room from 4 participants: € 1.420,00
Price per person in a double room from 8 participants: € 1.240,00
Price per person in a double room from 12 participants: € 1,180.00
Single supplement (double room for single use): + € 125,00

Vegetarian and gluten-free dishes can be served which are of equal quality as normal menus

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