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Christmas in Le Marche - Where traditions are still alive

Christmas time without stress
Back to the traditions

22.12. Beginning of a special Christmas trip
You arrive in the afternoon in the "Land of Harmony", the middle Italian Marche in Cupra Marittima. After check-in and a refreshment snack, take a little trip into the festively decorated surroundings. It is certainly a new experience to experience the winter dress of a coastal city. The typical pampering dinner with fine drops of the Marche you take in a restaurant.

23.12 .: Christmas is coming
In the morning drive to Ascoli Piceno. It is said to be the most beautiful of all the marchigian cities. There are the colorful Christmas markets in the beautiful squares and so much more to admire. The Christmas delights pamper the palate in the Café Meletti, one of the ten most beautiful Art Nouveau coffee houses in Italy. The whole city is overshadowed by the fairy lights and one understands why the Ascolanian designate their Piazza del Popolo as "living room of the city". For lunch you will enjoy in a small, traditional restaurant the culinary delights. In the afternoon we will visit the small town of Castel Trosino, a Lombard townwhere the time stopped somewhere in the past. Afterwards you return to the B & B or the private house. Dinner in a restaurant.

24.12 .: anticipation
Actually, Christmas in Italy really starts on December 25th. This gives us the opportunity today to get to know another city in the Christmas glow: Fermo. A city with a history as long as the one of Ascoli Piceno. Visiting the Roman cisterns, the library with the Globe room and the cathedral, which dominates everything - a certainly beautiful experience. A small culinary lunch is served in a traditional restaurant. But do not miss a visit to Ripatransone before returning to your accommodation. An open-air manger with life-size figures adorns the piazza and festive feeling spreads. The lights of the garlands and Christmas trees are shining and everywhere there is "Buon Natale" or "Buone Feste", which people are shouting in the street. In a family circle you will then take the evening meal, very traditional with Christmas tree. If you want you can visit a Christmas Mess at midnight.

25.12. Finally Christmas
You can enjoy the day in peace and so you will have the opportunity in the morning to explore a beautiful nativity scene or even this gem Marano above the sea of ​​Cupra Marittima. If you do not want to miss the Christmas mess, you are welcome to participate. Not to forget an experience, as we have not known for a long time, the stagnation of time. For the Christmas menu, you will find yourself in the private house, where everything smells of Christmas to be pampered with typical dishes that are preferred form part of the festive meal.
After the sumptuous meal, you can rest or join us on a short excursion to San Benedetto del Tronto, where you can take a stroll along the so-called Palm Riviera - just Christmas under the palm trees! In the evening, with nice guests with a nice, but smaller menu certainly you have a successful celebration.

26.12 .: The beauty of the empire of the mystic Sibilla
This day will be one of the highlights of your trip as today you will head to the Sibillini mountains, the mountains that form the picturesque backdrop of the southern part of the Marche. It would be tedious to describe the beauty of a winter morning in this area, so experience and judge for yourself. Of course, a special lunch can not be missed. Let yourself be surprised by the pleasures of the mountains! The journey continues via Comunanza, where you will visit a live nativity scene in the late afternoon! These are by no means persons who represent the birth of Christ in a church, but a whole town is set back in this time and with more than 200 participants life at the time of the birth of Christ! After this certainly impressive visit, enjoy dinner there and then return to your accommodation.

27.12. Trip to Umbria - Christmas tree alla grande
In the morning drive to Gubbio. It is said that it is the most typical of all Umbrian cities. There is another special feature: the largest Christmas tree in the world. The whole city is overshadowed by the Christmas tree created from fairy lights that covers the whole mountain of Gubbio. Of course, you'll also get to know more of Gubbio, such as the church of San Francesco, the largest free-floating square in Italy, the beautiful lanes adorned with life-size figures from the time of Christ's birth ...
There is no lack of wonderful impressions. For lunch you will be spoiled with culinary delights. In the early evening you return to Cupra Marittima to review what you have seen with a nice evening menu.

28.12. Time for relax
After the multi-faceted days it is time for a little tranquility. Today you can take a city tour in Offida, one of the most beautiful small towns in the Marche, and get to know an incredible church, with an impressive history, S. Maria della Rocca. The farewell menu will then be taken together in the evening.

29.12. Bye-bye Marche
After breakfast, you will leave the land of harmony to return to your homeland. We hope you had fun and interesting days in the Marche! Opportunity to extend the journey. In the case of a return flight in the afternoon, there is still the opportunity to visit Loreto.
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Min. 2, max. 8 participants
7 x B & B or in a private house in Cupra Marittima, in the ancient part Marano
The dinners include water and espresso
7 x dinner, including 2 x in the private house
1 x Christmas menu incl. Wine, water, aperitif, digestif, espresso to the menu,
4 x small lunches with local specialties
All city tours
All transfers on site
Permanent tour guide

Not included:
All meals and drinks not listed
travel to/from Ancona
All personal expenses

22nd to 29th of December 2019
22nd to 29th of December 2020

Price per person in a double room: € 1.420,00 from 2 persons
Price per person in a double room: € 1.195,00 for 4 people or more
Price per person in a double room: € 1,090.00 for 8 persons
no extra charge for double as single room

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