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via del gelso , 24 - Sirolo (AN)

Cafè; First aid; Canoes; Pedal boat for hire; Twin-hulled boat for hire; First aid equipment

The Attractions of Sirolo

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Sirolo things to Watch

Discover the attraction Sirolo - St. Nicholas of Bari's Church

Sirolo - St. Nicholas of Bari's Church

It was realized in the 18th century and it stands in Vittorio Veneto Square (Piazza Vittorio Veneto) flanked by an high tower topped by a dome-shaped-roof. The...

Discover the attraction Sirolo  - St. Rosary Church

Sirolo - St. Rosary Church

It is located along via Italia (Italia street), near the Gothic Arch that marks the town southern entrance. Almost hidden among houses of the old town, the...

Discover the attraction Cortesi's Theater

Cortesi's Theater

It has 280 seats and it’s a tiny jewel of architecture and acoustics, required by Sirolo people a san equipment for their civilian life. Since 1908...

Discover the attraction Museum - The State Antiquarium

Museum - The State Antiquarium

The State Antiquarium stands behind the Town Hall. It is an archeological museum established and opened to public since 1974; it contains numerous archeological...

Discover the attraction The Sirolo Picene Princess Grave

The Sirolo Picene Princess Grave

In Sirolo you will find an interesting archeological area at Pini place. This area is very important because it is the only one in Marche in...

Discover the attraction Numana - Crucifix Sanctuary

Numana - Crucifix Sanctuary

The Crucifix, a wooden Romanesque sculpture, is contained in the Crucifix Sanctuary built up between 1561 and 1566, and successively restored in 1968 because a...