Raphael's celebrations

Raphael's celebrations

The year 2020 is the 500th anniversary of Raphael's death.

Many exhibitions and events are organized throughout the Marche region and across Europe to honour the most famous master of the high Renaissance period.

The “Raffaello Sanzio” Ancona – Falconara airport, named after the artist, has hosted an important and original exhibition called "Raffaello - Una Mostra impossible" ( Raphael – an “Impossible Exhibition”). Supported by the Marche Regional governement, with the cooperation of ENIT (Italian Government Tourist Board), the exhibtion is a virtual collection of Raphael's most important works, faithfully reproduced in real size, at very high definition and slightly backlit.

The event has registered 40.000 visitors and will be organized in different cities across Europe, like Brussels, Paris, Moscow, Munich, Frankfurt and Vienna.

The house where he was born in Urbino and spent his childhood with his father Giovanni Santi, is now a delightful museum. Near the museum, the spectacular Ducal Palace houses one of his masterpieces, La Muta, a gorgeous portrait of a woman.

The Ducal Palace will host an exhibition called Raffaello and Baldassarre Castiglione, that will document the story of Renaissance culture through paintings and passages taken from “the Cortegiano”, the celebrated book on the ideal Renaissance courtier written by Baldassarre Castiglione. The Museum of the Holy House in Loreto will host the Madonna del Velo or Madonna di Loreto made by Raphael. Another show called “ Bellezza e scienza nella costruzione del mito della Roma antica (“Beauty and science in the construction of the myth of ancient Rome”) will be arranged in the civic museum of Palazzo Pianetti in Jesi: it will explore the relationship between Raphael, the most influential and naturally gifted painters in the history of art, and the humanist Colocci.