1) How can I get brochures on the Marche and have tourist information to plan a holiday to the region?

Please send an e-mail to numeroverde.turismo@regione.marche.it  or contact the toll-free number 800 222 111 (availbale in Italy). The Tourism Sector will send you the stuff free of charge. Tourist information and brochures are also available at the Tourist Information Centers: https://www.turismo.marche.it/en-us/Plan-your-journey/Tourist-Information-Centers

2) What are the main sites and places to visit?

The extraordinary variety of the Marche, the only Italian region to have a name in the plural, is presented through a non-exhaustive list of 30 must-see places, from north to south.


3) I am looking for an accommodation facility in the Marche region. Where can I find it?

At the following link https://www.turismo.marche.it/en-us/Plan-your-journey/Accommodation-facilities

  you can start the search by entering the location in "Select the cities" and in "Select types" the accommodation facility where you intend to stay

4) Where can I find information on accessible tourism?

The Marche is a region that cares about people with disabilities, combining the need for safety, comfort and autonomy with entertainment and leisure. In the section https://www.turismo.marche.it/it-it/Organizza-il-tuo-viaggio/Turismo-Accessibile  you will find information on beaches, museums, accommodation facilities and holiday packages.

5) What types of beach are there in the Marche?

In  https://www.turismo.marche.it/en-us/Explore/The-Marche-Region-in-Blue  you will find thorough information on the types of beach, seaside resorts, Blue flags, beaches for dogs, accessible beaches

6) I wish to explore Marche’s culture: any suggestions for cultural itineraries?

In https://www.turismo.marche.it/en-us/Explore/Art-and-Culture  you will find detailed information on itineraries, cities of art, museums, historic villas, gardens, libraries and historic theaters

7) I go trekking, hiking and I love biking. Any suggestions?

In the sections https://www.turismo.marche.it/en-us/Explore/Trekking  , https://www.turismo.marche.it/en-us/Explore/Parks-and-Active-Nature  you’ll find useful contacts for trekking in the parks and footpaths. The protected areas of the Marche Region offer the possibility to practice a wide range of activities. All services dedicated to cyclists, with itineraries, cycle paths, bike parks are listed in https://www.turismo.marche.it/en-us/Explore/Marche-By-Bike

8) We are seeking villages to spend a quiet holiday, in harmony with nature. Where can we go?

The Marche Region boasts a large number of villages awarded with the "Orange Flag" by Touring Club Italiano and included in the list of the "most beautiful villages in Italy" by the “Borghi piĆ¹ belli d'Italia” organization. For a complete overview you can visit:


9) I would like to take a holiday in the snow. What are the main ski resorts in the region?

At this link you will find the ski resorts: https://www.turismo.marche.it/it-it/Vivi-le-Marche/Parchi-e-Natura-Attiva/Marche-in-Inverno  . Spending a holiday in the mountain is a unique experience:  tourists enjoy touring the delightful mountain villages even in summer. You can get thorough information on the mountain by surfing https://www.turismo.marche.it/en-us/Explore/Marche-in-the-mountain

10) We are gourmet and love good food. What are the best food and drink experiences we can enjoy when visiting the Marche?

The Marche region tempts the tourists for the variety of typical products, gastronomic specialties and top quality wines. In  https://www.turismo.marche.it/en-us/Explore/Taste-and-tradition   you will find information on the excellence of Marche’s gastronomy, typical dishes and “taste of Marche” itineraries.

11) What are the parking areas for campers?

The list of parking areas can be found in:


Some parking areas have been awarded with the Yellow Flag A.C.T. Italy - Italian Campers Association https://www.turismo.marche.it/it-it/Vivi-le-Marche/Dolci-colline-e-antichi-borghi/Aree-di-sosta-bandiera-gialla

12) How can I get around the Marche by public transport?

In http://orari.trasporti.marche.it you will find information on timetables and connections

13) What are the main events taking place in the region throughout the year?

The events taking place in the Marche are available at: https://eventi.turismo.marche.it/

14) What are the travel agencies/tour operators that deal with incoming? And the qualified tourist professionals and experts?

The list of tour operators is available at https://www.turismo.marche.it/en-us/Plan-your-journey/Tour-operator  ; that of tourist professionals (tour guides, tour leaders, nature guides, etc.) is available at: https://www.turismo.marche.it/it-it/Organizza-il-tuo-viaggio/Guide-turistiche

15) I am a travel journalist. Any contacts for promotion, marketing and advertising?

For information on marketing, promotion and communication, you can send an e-mail to: turismo.promozione@regione.marche.it  and  Comunicazione.turismo@regione.marche.it