Cheese and honey

The Marche region is one of the few Italian regions where beekeeping has been widespread since ancient times, passed on from father to son with knowledge and passion: above all since the early years of this century, a reference for the first-rate Italian beekeeping. The honey from the Marche region boasts a high quality, particularly for the product coming from the high hill and mountain areas, where extensive agriculture is still carried out.   Thehills of Marche, which ishome to, among otherthings, forage legumes,lucerne and sainfoin, providebees with an abundanceof vital nectar. But nectar can also come from wild plants and flowering trees (acacia, chestnut, etc.). Some companies especially devoted to research and testing of new types of honey,  have experimented the  production of honey in barrels or honey accompanied with particular inflorescences .
Beekeepers Association (Associazione Apicoltori)


Together with honey we usually match a good cheese and the history of cheese in the Marche region is as old and fascinating as that of the pastoral tradition.  Starting from the Casciotta  PDO cheese from Urbino and Pit-aged Cheese from Sogliano to dozens cheeses  made by blending just the right amount of local sheep and cow milk enriched by their  maturation processes. The Formaggio di Fossa (pit-aged cheese) is a typical product of the area between the Rubicone and the Marecchia valleys (between  Emilia Romagna and Marche) obtained by the fermentation of the cheese matured in pits. The Casciotta  PDO cheese from Urbino is the first to merit a PDO designation which protects it within the European Community. The wide variety of cheeses is completed with several products really only available where they are made, like Casecc, goat cheese, slattato, raviggiolo and cacao cheese, which is shaped somewhat like a lemon. The “Pecorino of  Sibillini Mountains”  cheese is also unique and it is a Slow Food Presidia.




Cheese and honey



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