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The Marche has become one of the country’s most important ‘Made in Italy’ districts, it is where many of the most prestigious and famous fashion brands are made, icons of Italian style. A journey through this surprising territory is, therefore, also a great occasion for enjoying a veritable fashion tour into the heart of the Marche lifestyle, seeking out the many outlets and stores featuring the most renowned domestic and international brands.  Shopping here is pleasant both for the experience and when it comes to being kind to your wallet. It’s a new way to explore the region and discover the exquisite quality the local craftsmen are capable of.



Quality shopping



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Discover the taste and handicraft of Paciotti


Giuseppe Paciotti founded the company in 1948 and started a production of a men’s classic line, completely hand...

Discover the taste and handicraft of Hogan


Hogan was set up in 1986 and is part of italian luxury group Tod’s Spa. Hogan’s unique and innovative...

Discover the taste and handicraft of Loriblù


Loriblu, quality and aesthetic desirability sealed by precious details which become the unmistakable leitmotiv of its...

Discover the taste and handicraft of Tod's


The story begins in the early 1900s when Diego Della Valle's grandfather, Filippo founded a small shoe factory. In the...

Discover the taste and handicraft of Damiano Chiappini

Damiano Chiappini

Artigiano dal 1978, Damiano Chiappini, discendente da una famiglia calzolaia, è specializzato nelle lavorazioni...

Discover the taste and handicraft of Silvano Lattanzi

Silvano Lattanzi

Il brand Silvano Lattanzi è conosciuto oggi in tutto il Mondo.Le creazioni raffinate, impegnative edespressive...


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