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The Marche Region, land where beauty merges with science. It is worth to mention two important personalities coming from the region. They made Italy great in the space sciences: Giuseppe Occhialini, father of Italian astrophysics, whose studies on cosmic rays and space physics contributed to the birth of ESA (European Space Agency) and Enrico Mattei who, by making available the launch base in Malindi, allowed Italy to be the third nation in the world to launch a satellite into space.


 The tourist cluster of science and technology was born in 2019. Not an accidental choice, since in 2019 several events occurred: the 50th anniversary of the landing of man on the moon, the bicentenary of Giacomo Leopardi's poem "L' Infinito", the 100th anniversary of the International Astronomical Union, the 100th anniversary of Giorgio Fuà’s birth, who was economic adviser to both Enrico Mattei and Adriano Olivetti (chemical engineer); their formation (connected to chemistry) allows us to recall 2019 as a Unesco year of the "Periodic table of chemical elements".

The Marche Region is linked to astronomy even with reference to asteroids, craters and satellites dedicated to important people coming from our region, such as the asteroids Leopardi, Rossini, Medi and Raphael. For the latter, the world-renowned painter from Urbino, 2020 is a special year, it is the 5th centenary of his death. It is therefore an occasion to remember that the first scene painted by Raphael in the Vatican Rooms represents the "first motion", or the personification of astronomical science, up to having a module of the International Space Station (ISS) dedicated to him: "Raphael’s module ", brought by Umberto Guidoni as the first European astronaut to visit the ISS.



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