Paesaggio Urbino



Nestled in the rolling hills with a park of 10,000 square meters,the small family-run organic farmhas 11 hectares in large part plantedwith olive trees, with 1,300 olive trees that surround the house and the park.

The house, completely renovated with techniques of bio-architecture is able to minimize the ecological impact on the environment and in large part self-sufficient from the energetic point of view, due to the wide use of renewable energy sources. With the renovations were made accommodations with every comfort,and two spacious double rooms and wonderful views towards the hilly landscape and with views stretching from the Sibillinis to Monte Conero.

The structure has a large educational workshop. Thanks to a small mill, the farmhouse will produce a very high quality oil with cold pressing and completely organic process. It will allow guests to enjoy the goodness of a genuine product at the Tasting Room.


Opportunity to attend and participate in picking olives by hand

The harvesting is carried out completely by hand and with electric rakes to avoid that the plant can be damaged during the harvesting operations. It takes place from the first week of October until the first two weeks of November, depending on the degree of maturation of different species of olive tree.

Special promotions for themed packages:

- Laboratories of organic farming and processing of olives- Training programs to the use of alternative sources for energy production- Mountain Bike environmental paths, Nordic Walking and Orienteering in the respect and recognition of the environmental and landscape values.


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