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120/5000 Monti Sibillini: sunset picnic and walk listening to the night forest - 8 August 2020 - Il Ponticello Trekking


Monti Sibillini: picnic at sunset and walk listening to the night forest Picnic at sunset and night of shooting stars: the small village of Altino di Montemonaco located at about 1040 m asl is located in the heart of the Monti Sibillini National Park, from here it originally start the ancient Path of the Harvesters, a route that connected the transhumant peoples between Umbria Lazio and Marche. As soon as we arrive in the wetland adjacent to Santa Maria in Pantano, large spaces open with views over all the Monti della Laga, here we will stop to wait for the last lights of the sunset and enjoy our self-managed Picnic. The return will be the discovery of the sounds of the woods by returning with headlamps.

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What to bring:
Waterproof cape, trekking shoes, water, layered clothing, cap, recommended telescopic trekking poles, self-managed picnic, Headlamp, mask, gloves, hand sanitizer.

Difficulty: Beginners - Walk 4 h, Difference in altitude 250 m, Length 10 km
Price  € 18 prepayment - € 20 cash payment on the spot - includes:
  • Naturalistic Guide to follow;
  • Guided trekking.
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